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What is a Socialmedia/Hashtag Printer?

Benefit from a massive amount of social media exposure!

 In a nutshell, Just imagine all your guests being able to take a selfie photo with their mobile phone any where at your event, then that photo appearing at our print station, printed before the guests even get there to collect it. Its as simple as picking a unique Hashtag for your event and the Hashprinter will print within seconds all photos by everybody.


Socialmedia/Hashtag Printer can automatically print all photos with your unique Hashtag, or if you wish, guests can select the photos they like and print them out.

Customize these prints by adding your event name, company name logo or other graphics. Socialmedia/Hashtag Printer allows everyone at your event to become

a photograher and take home a printed souvenir of your event.


Social Media exposure

with a Socialmedia/Hashtag Printer station at your event, we encourage your guests to take photos and tag them with your chosen Hashtag. Your guests do all the

hard work taking the pictures and you benefit from a massive amount of social media exposure for your event.

Please make an account (top right) to help manage and reschedule appointments


All digital media will be automatically saved where your Hashtag is on Instagram for you to download and view straight away.

Our printers also come packed with a whopping 700 prints which are printed instantly, and we usually stay at your venue for 4 hours or till we run out of prints, which ever is soonest!

Our great value price for 700 prints  is only £349, thats a mere 50p per photo.

To book a Socialmedia/Hashtag print station please check my online diary first to make sure the event is available, then secure your booking with a £50 deposit within my on-line diary, you can then pay the remainder £299 at least 2 weeks or more before the event on the prices page.

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