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We operate at very competitive prices to our competition.

Magic-Mirror 4 hours at £399


360 Spinbooth 4 hours at £399


both Magic-Mirror and 360 Spinbooth £749

 All Magic- Mirrors have unlimited photos on 4x6 instantly printed- Prints and 360 Videos are also shared to smart phone by scanning a barcode a the end of each photo session. 


 We arrive and set-up 1 hour before the events starts to fine tune and test everything is working correctly and stay throughout the night to ensure the smooth running of the equipment.

All the equipment is fully pat tested and certified,

Staff are dbs checked.

Travel/Fuel costs

Please be aware that travel, Fuel and parking expenses are included




To secure your booking you will need a £50 deposit

Paid by Bacs...Please call or message me first.

My details are Anthony Hamilton Account No. 00278441

Sort code 11-05-15

Please note that you may reschedule your booking up to 14 days before the events, But there are no refunds for deposits or cancellations.



Did you Know that many Magic-Mirrors are cancelled up to 20 minutes before the start of your Event!

   Yes..Many Magic-Mirrors get cancelled 20 mins before the begining because the photobooth company didnt realise that there are stairs leading up or down to a basement or upper level with no service elevator, and its more or less to labour intensive and risky to ask your guests to help manually lift in the Magic mirror due to health and safety concerns.

We can provide an Electric Stair Climbing Hand Truck Dolly from our hire company for an additional £20..  so dont get caught out on the day!  - click the picture below to see it in action.

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