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360 Photo-Booth with unlimited sessions

during your hire time.

The 360 Experience captures a slow motion video from all angles.

Guests stand on a platform using a slow motion arm to circle automatically around them.

The result? Awesome content that can be shared within seconds.


Guests stand on a platform where our camera spins 360 degrees around them creating an amazing music video in real time! Features we have available are slow motion, video effects, filters and music for your guests to enjoy. 

  • 360 platform

  • HD camera

  • Booth attendant

  • Studio lighting

  • Unlimited use of the 360 photo booth

  • On-line gallery of all videos

  • Fully installed & set up - Outside of your hire time

You can fit up to 4 people on our platform! We think having a group of people on the platform makes for a great 360 experience
Get booked in NOW! for unlimited sessions.
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